Policy: Use of Social Media

NGHA Policy on the Use of Social Media


This policy encompasses public communications through such online communities of people including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, SnapChat, etc.

All NGHA players and ice/bench personnel are registered with the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA), are members of Hockey Canada (HC) and are bound by OWHA, HC and NGHA rules, regulations, policies and procedures. As such, the NGHA supports and adopts the Social Networking Policy put forward by the OWHA to educate and advise NGHA members about the importance of responsible online communication.  

The NGHA understands and appreciates the importance of social media. This immediate and public forum presents unique opportunities for networking, promotion, collaboration, and expressing creativity. However, it also provides an unsupervised medium for inappropriate conduct to occur; conduct which can be detrimental to the welfare of NGHA and its members. 


Social Networking is defined by the OWHA as communicating through on-line communities of people such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram, blogging, etc.


The NGHA holds all NGHA personnel, including Executive members, coaches, trainers, managers, players, volunteers, officials, partners (parents, guardians) and others who use social media and networking tools to the same standards as it would with all forms of media, including television, radio and print. All NGHA Personnel must use discretion, good judgment and respect when using social media as they represent the NGHA.  

The NGHA expects that all who participate in social media on behalf of the NGHA comply with the relevant terms of service when using the social media services (e.g. age of use).  

It should be recognized that social media and comments including those sent via texting or through other online messaging channels can easily be shared, published and made available to the public and media. Once published online, comments are considered on record and cannot be retracted. As such, all NGHA players and personnel are accountable for their comments and should conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

Inappropriate behaviour over social media channels will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the NGHA.  

Inappropriate use of social media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Statements that are derogatory and/or demeaning to NGHA volunteers, its programs, on-ice or off- ice officials, players, members, coaches, sponsors or any other person associated with NGHA.
  • Any form of misconduct, bullying, harassment, intimidation or threats against players, officials or other NGHA volunteers.
  • Communication of confidential information that may include medical history, family situations, game plans or strategies and other information that is deemed sensitive or confidential.
  • Sharing of photos, videos or comments that promote negative influences or criminal behaviour, including but not limited to: physical violence, drug/alcohol use, hazing, and/or sexual exploitation, etc.
  • Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.
  • Posting of inappropriate, derogatory, racist or sexist comments of any kind that contradict the policies of the NGHA, OWHA and Hockey Canada.

All NGHA personnel are responsible to immediately report any inappropriate use of social media network to the Director of Policy, Risk and Safety.

Disciplinary Process

Should an infraction be reported to the NGHA, the disciplinary process will be as follows:

  1. NGHA Disciplinary Committee reviews the infraction and investigates the situation. This may include calls to responsible and affected individuals, coaches, parents, etc. for additional context and information.
  2. Responsible individual and their parents will be invited to attend a disciplinary hearing. They may not participate in team activities until a decision is rendered on their infraction.
  3. Responsible individual must comply with the resolution determined by the Disciplinary Committee following the hearing. This could include suspension from practice(s) or game(s), letter of apology, etc.


Questions on this policy can be directed to the Director of Policy, Risk and Safety (NGHAPolicy@gmail.com).

Updated: May 17, 2022


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