Policy: Team Volunteers

NGHA Team Volunteer Policy

Statement of Purpose

As a volunteer-based organization, the NGHA depends heavily on the valued contribution of many individuals and families that help make it possible for the organization to run effectively.  

Within this environment, the NGHA must also ensure an environment that is safe and positive for players and other volunteers in the Association.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify who can serve as a team volunteers, and the requirements they must meet to serve in a volunteer capacity.

Scope and Application

This policy applies to any team volunteer position in the Association, including coaches, assistants, on-ice helpers, Den Moms, and any volunteer position where the volunteer will interact with players

This policy also applies to managers and treasurers, even if they do not interact with players. 

This policy applies to any OWHA-sanctioned activity undertaken by a team (i.e. on-ice/off-ice). 

This policy does not apply to on-ice officials, or timekeepers. 

Must Be On NGHA Roster


All team volunteers, regardless of age, who interact with players on/off the ice must be officially approved and registered on the Roster of an NGHA team no later than December 1st of a given season.

Coaches who do not comply with this requirement will be suspended.

Managers and treasurers are not required to be on an NGHA Roster, as long as they are not on the ice, behind the bench, or involved in off-ice activities such as dryland training. 

Minimum Age


All NGHA team volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, with the exception of players from NGHA teams who volunteer to assist with other teams.

When a team intends to use  players from another NGHA team in an on/off ice capacity, they must:

  • Ensure that there is a full two year gap in player age (e.g. first year Bantam players can only volunteer with second year Atom players or younger). 
  • Seek approval of their convenor in advance of the planned activity

Minor volunteers from other girls’ associations or from boys’ associations are not permitted at any time.

Non-Parent Coaches

Only non-parent head coaches are eligible to have their travel expenses paid for by the team.

Head coaches who wish to bring on a non-parent assistant coach must discuss in advance with the Competitive Committee and obtain their approval before bringing any non-parent assistant coach on to their team.

Policy Record Check and Respect in Sport

All NGHA team volunteers over 18 years of age interacting with players are required to have a valid Police Record Check, and complete Respect in Sport, in accordance with OWHA Policy.

More information on requirements can be found in the Volunteer Screening section of the NGHA Website.

Deadline for Competitive volunteers: October 1

Deadline for house league volunteers: October 15

Coaches and Trainers

Coaches and Trainers are required to have valid and up-to-date certifications for their position, in accordance with OWHA Policy.

Deadline for Competitive coaches and trainers: October 1

Deadline for house league coaches and trainers: October 15


Teams must always have a treasurer and a co-signer (2 signatories).  It is recommended that at least one signatory have a background in accounting or finance.


Please contact the Director, Policy Risk and Safety at NGHApolicy@gmail.com for any questions on this policy.

Updated:  May 17, 2022


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